Thursday, June 30, 2022

The Terrorist That Was Nelson Mandela

By Dr. Newton Jibunoh, (FADE Africa) To many Nelson Mandela is a hero, the man who fought for freedom and humanity but for the most...

Some Prophets See Nothing

  By Femi Adesina There he goes again. Troublemaker. He wants to abuse our prophets, the vessels of God Almighty. Not so. Let me state from the beginning...
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Death will be ‘optional’ and ageing ‘curable’ by 2045, Says Genetic Engineers

From the ARCHIVE:   Immortality is real and dying will be 'optional' within just 26 years and the ageing process will be 'reversible', according to...
sustainable city

‘Why sustainable cities, communities should be prioritised to address Africa’s challenges’

 “Cities are systems of systems; that are situated in particular geographies that are defined by historical and cultural processes; and are deeply embedded in...

Harnessing Youth’s Workforce Could Speed Economic Recovery In Post-COVID-19 Era-ADB

  *Growth in West Africa projected to contract by -2.0 percent in 2020 *Demand for science, technology, others engineering increasing *School enrolment, retention rates poor The West Africa’s...

Flushing Can Trigger Viral Infection 3ft Into Air

  Flushing the toilet with the lid up creates a cloud of spray that can be breathed in and may spread infection, such as coronavirus, say...

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