Correctional Facility Officer Charge For Homicide 


*Inmate Commits Suicide

A senior officer in the Department of Correction in New York City has been charged with homicide after she allegedly ordered staff to ignore an inmate she saw committing suicide, telling them he was just ‘playing’ as he was hanging from a ceiling light for 15 minutes.

The said officer, Captain Rebecca Hillman, 38, appeared in court Monday where she was charged with criminally negligent homicide and offering a false instrument for filing over the suicide of Ryan Wilson last year.

Wilson, 29, died on November 22 last year in his prison cell at Manhattan Detention Complex, which is known as The Tombs.

Prison officers were accused of waiting 15 minutes to call for help and to administer aid to the dying man despite seeing him hanging from a noose.

Hillman had already been suspended without pay along with Correction officer Oscar Rojo.


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